Bag Adapter Kit

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How many bags just sit on the shelf because they were already cut to fit a cupcake tip or an icer tip; either way you can't use them with a standard coupler anymore. Until NOW! I've got your BAK


The BAK acts as an extension allowing your cupcake bags, your icer bags
and your "oops - cut that too big" bags to be just as usable as your everyday bags. No more mistakes means no more waste.

Every bag, reusable or disposable, will work for Every job - every time you need it. Simply determine which size BAK you need based on the size of the opening in your bag, then drop it in following the natural angle of the bag, and drop in a coupler and you're BAK in business!

It's the best (and least expensive) insurance you can buy to guarantee the use of Every Bag, Every Job, Every Time!

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